What Is Discoverant®?

BIOVIA’s Process Production Operations solution, BIOVIA Discoverant®, is a validation-ready solution for process and quality data access, aggregation, contextualization, analysis and reporting. BIOVIA Discoverant® empowers production operations in process industries like life science or specialty chemicals to shorten time to market and maximize profitability by enabling understanding of critical process drivers that drive desired business results, monitoring variability for preemptive action and leveraging opportunities to maximize sustainability.

BIOVIA Discoverant® provides process development, quality, and manufacturing users with self-service, on-demand access to process and quality data from disparate databases and paper records. It automatically aggregates and contextualizes the data and enables ad hoc statistical investigations with automated validation-ready workflows to provide browser-accessible outputs for teams of observational users across different organizations and geographies.

Discoverant® is a ‘wide’ product with a lot of parts and pieces. The learning curve can be as much as six months for technical users and three months for statistical. Decreased time to learn and implement is preferable for any organization.

Introducing Discoverant® to a team that doesn’t want to use it can be a challenge. If they’re used to SAS or JMP, giving your users an in-depth look at Discoverant® can encourage user participation and lead to a return on investment.

We use adult learning standards, which means a lot of hands-on activities.

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