What Can I Learn About Discoverant®?

Discoverant® Application Management

Students learn about the modules and features of Discoverant® , and how to effectively align the business user’s job role(s) with Discoverant’s® features.

  • Online Course
    • Three Lessons, Plus a Refresher

Discoverant® Systems Management

Students learn how to install and configure the Discoverant® application, and how the configuration of the system and assignment of system roles affect the user experience.

  • Two-Day Instructor-Led Course
    • On-Site
  • Multi-Lesson Online Course

Discoverant® Hierarchy Management

In this introductory course, students are given a partially developed Hierarchy and supporting view objects. They learn how views support Hierarchies, as well as how to manage and modify existing Hierarchies.

  • Three-Day Instructor-Led Course
    • Introductory Course
    • Hierarchy Building Basics
    • View Creation
    • Hierarchy Management

Discoverant® Hierarchy Development

This is a full development course. Unlike the Hierarchy Management class, students build a complete Hierarchy and its supporting objects from “the ground up”. The full development lifecyle for Hierarchies is discussed and practiced.

  • Three and a ½ Day Instructor-Led Course
    • Full Hierarchy Development Lifecycle
    • Analytical Goals
    • Process Analysis
    • View Creation
    • Hierarchy Import, Modification, and Management

Discoverant® PRIMR User

Students learn how to use the PRIMR application to manage HTML forms used for data entry, as well as manage the workflow from PRIMR Template Manager to PRIMR Data Entry modules.

  • Online
    • Self-Paced
    • PRIMR Template Manager
    • PRIMR Data Entry

Discoverant® PRIMR Developer

PRIMR forms are HTML objects that are used for data entry. This allows you to enter the data from a paper record into PRIMR, and that data becomes available for use in statistical or process analysis. Students learn the entire lifecycle for this process, and how we convert paper data into electronic data and how PRIMR and Hierarchies work together.

  • Three-Day Course
    • Methodology
      • The ‘Link’ Between PRIMR and Hierarchies
    • PRIMR Template Manager Training
    • PRIMR Form Development
    • PRIMR User Training
      • Online Supplement

Discoverant® User Training

Discoverant® User Training focuses on process and statistical users. It covers all of the tools available in the Discoverant® suite of products, such as control charts, trending, plots and more. This course is currently under development with the assistance of a Discoverant® super user, formerly of leading bio-pharma organization who has been working with, and teaching, Discoverant® for almost ten years.

  • Three-Day Instructor-Led Course or customized workshop
    • InVision
      • Data Visualisation
      • AG Creation
      • Curve Metrics
      • Plotting and more

*includes online supplements

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What Can I Learn About Discoverant®?

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