Groundies by BWI

Groundies has partnered with Bent West Inc. on a proof of concept (POC) project that demonstrates how we can obtain food, water and shelter for all. It doesn’t matter where you are — if there’s dirt, rocks or substrate, Groundies can create a solution that works, whether private or corporate. The current POC location is on seven-and-a-half acres on Big Island, Hawaii. Why? Because it’s considered ‘Mars-scape’ and literally looks like this:

Road to the Sea, Big Island, Hawaii

And if you can create a sustainable design that works here…it’ll work pretty much anywhere.

It’s easy to ‘say’ that Green is the way to go. It’s simple to jump on the sustainability wagon. But Groundies can make that wagon actually GO! So join us. Visit the Groundies website to see what we’re up to and learn how you can help revive the dream of ending poverty, homelessness and hunger.




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